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Mary Anna Coomes

Mary Anna Coomes is a mother who chronicles her daily life as she discovers her young daughter is a gifted psychic in her new book, “My Child is Psychic, a mother’s journey.” Growing up in the Midwest, Mary Anna never dreamed parenting would take her into a spiritual awakening of her own. 

When asked why she decided to become an author Mary Anna stated, “At the beginning of my journey I found myself wanting more than the description of a psychic child. I needed to hear what daily life felt like for the families of these beautiful children and how they navigated the struggles as they learned.  There weren’t many first-hand accounts of parenting a psychic child so I decided that if I could help other parents by sharing my story then I would.”

Latest Release

My Child Is Psychic, A Mother’s Journey

Mary Anna shares how she learned to shift her priorities as a parent. Wanting to protect her daughter from any ridicule, Mary Anna urges her daughter to keep her spiritual gifts private, which only adds to more angst for her.As they soon discover, there is plenty of guidance from an unlikely group of women who will become their mentors. With relief, hope and joy, Mary Anna finds that her daughter isn’t the only one with spiritual gifts. They also find that they’ve just walked through a portal into a realm more beautiful and yet more terrifying than they had imagined.


This is truly a beautiful story about a mother and daughter relationship that has the additional challenges of living in the psychic relm.

– SWFL Online News

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