Black Tourmaline To The Rescue.

by Feb 24, 2019My Stories

On my path of discovery to help my daughter, I have found several things that work for me to help clear negative energies from our home and space.  My first Seraphim Blueprint teacher, Lee, suggested the crystal, black tourmaline, as a way to protect our home from negative energies.

Black tourmaline can be used to both repel and to protect against negativity.  When my daughter was in the sixth grade I bought a black tourmaline pendant necklace for her to wear to school. It was an excellent energy deflector which was especially useful while she was learning how not to pick up on other people’s emotions.

Being an empath and learning how to block other people’s emotions is hard enough when you are an adult, but when you are young it can be even harder.  The black tourmaline also helps shield the wearer from harmful electromagnetic radiation from tv’s, computers and cell phones, however, at the time this was just an added benefit as my main purpose was protecting my daughter from negative energies.

I have found the crystal in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Black tourmaline in rough form or tumbled form is relatively inexpensive. I have used the crystals by placing one in each corner of my daughter’s bedroom as well as in inconspicuous places around our home. While the small rough pieces of black tourmaline might not be aesthetically appealing to everyone, I have found spheres and other “artzy” looking pieces that seem to blend in without attracting to much attention.

I would suggest finding a local metaphysical store to purchase your crystals, however, if you do not have access to a store near you they may also be purchased online.

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