By Mary Anna Coomes

My Child Is Psychic.

A Mother’s Journey

With honesty and humor, Mary Anna takes you on her journey as she discovers just how truly psychic her young daughter is. As she realizes that not only can her daughter hear spirits, she can also see spirits, Mary Anna begins to grasp how challenging having these spiritual gifts can be.Watching her daughter go from navigating school while being able to feel other people’s emotions to simply wanting to feel normal, Mary Anna shares how she learned to shift her priorities as a parent.


This is truly a beautiful story about a mother and daughter relationship that has the additional challenges of living in the psychic realm.



As a mother, I cried and laughed throughout this story. This is an intriguing look into a mother and gifted child’s world.

– C. Schumer


Brilliant real world story telling! I read the entire book in under two days, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a wonderful story.

– A. Roberts

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My Child Is Psychic

A Mother’s Journey

Mary Anna shares how she learned to shift her priorities as a parent. Wanting to protect her daughter from any ridicule, Mary Anna urges her daughter to keep her spiritual gifts private, which only adds to more angst for her.As they soon discover, there is plenty of guidance from an unlikely group of women who will become their mentors. With relief, hope and joy, Mary Anna finds that her daughter isn’t the only one with spiritual gifts. They also find that they’ve just walked through a portal into a realm more beautiful and yet more terrifying than they had imagined.

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