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by Mar 23, 2020My Stories

     I have come to realize that the right people will show up in our lives at the exact moment we need them. This was the case for me when I was directed to take a Seraphim Blueprint class. As the parent of a psychic child I had spent so much time focusing on learning how to best support my daughter that I had not stopped and taken the time to be present with myself. How many times have we been told on an airplane to place the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on your child? Yes, my daughter had extraordinary gifts but by placing my full attention on her I had neglected to recognize my own unique gifts. I had been researching different modalities and learning with the intention to help my daughter. I needed to understand her world and know how to help her navigate through it.  It took me a while to realize that all the research and learning I thought I was doing to help my daughter was actually helping me too. I began to understand myself and my role not only in my daughter’s life but my role in the collective. My faith grew and I found it easier to stop resisting things I did not understand.

     During a visit to a local metaphysical store it had been suggested to me by the owner, Lucy, to take a Seraphim Blueprint class. I had never heard of Seraphim Blueprint but had learned to trust Lucy’s advice. Lucy was the owner of the store and a very gifted psychic. She had given me advice and guidance to help my daughter but on this occasion her advice included me.  I went home and began researching Seraphim Blueprint.  Deciding whether or not I believed these energies were real would wait until I had taken a class. Trust but verify.  I quickly signed up to take a class from a woman named Lee.  I had not identified any spiritual gifts of my own at this point so I was relieved when I received an email from Lee before the class that read, “These energies you will be receiving are initiations, not meditations, so you just need to let it happen.” As the class began, Lee explained in detail that the energies we would be receiving were created by a group of Seraphim angels. One of these Seraphim angels would be directly transmitting the energies to us. Once we received the energies, they would be permanently available to us. Some would work automatically, and others would need to be activated by us.

     Lee gave the class examples of how and when we might use these energies. A parent might run the energies on their child if they woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream and couldn’t calm down. If these energies could help me help my daughter, I was all in. Needless to say, what I experienced that day has changed my life. It wasn’t long before my husband and daughter joined me in taking Seraphim Blueprint Levels One through Six with Lucy as our teacher. My daughter was eleven years old at the time. Although she was always the youngest person in the class, my daughter enjoyed being with people who understood her and her gifts.

     I was lucky to have teachers in my town; however, it is important to know that you do not have to take a class in person. My husband, daughter and myself have taken several Seraphim Blueprint classes via skype and we received the energies just as strong as when we were in person in the classroom at Lucy’s store.  Throughout my journey I have continued to explore new ideas and modalities that I feel might be helpful not only to myself but in parenting my daughter.  Everyone resonates with what best suits them. One modality is not better than another modality. They all can serve their purpose at the right time. For myself, I always come back to Seraphim Blueprint. I have seen and felt the difference it has made in my life and I have found these energies the easiest to work with.

     If you would like more information on Seraphim Blueprint you can find it at the website  You can find information describing each level by clicking on “Level & Courses.”  If you have any questions regarding Seraphim Blueprint please feel free to email me and I will be happy to help point you in the right direction. We’re all in this together!

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